We exist to provide customized strategies to help you maximize revenue, transform your business, and prioritize client experiences. 

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Have you been searching for a solution to revitalize your space and create a thriving, client-honoring business?

Hi, I’m Amanda. With 10+ years in the event industry across the US and having achieved record-breaking sales years managing venues in Virginia and California, I’m passionate about helping venue owners like you succeed.

Whether you have an existing venue or a unique home, hotel, ranch or winery looking to diversify your event offerings, we’re here to guide you.

Are you the owner of an established venue that has hosted countless weddings and events, but you're struggling to maximize your revenue and attract your desired clientele?

We conduct a thorough assessment of your venue, examining its strengths, weaknesses, and untapped potential. This analysis helps us develop a tailored action plan for success.

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In-Depth Venue Analysis 

Drawing on the expertise of our in-house interior designer, we’ll identify areas where visual adjustments can enhance the appeal and create a captivating experience for your guests.

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Visual Enhancements

We delve into understanding your local market and target clientele, developing customized, targeted strategies to attract your desired audience and maximize bookings.

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Market Research

Our team excels in designing pricing structures that strike the perfect balance between profitability and competitiveness. We’ll guide you in setting rates that reflect the value of your venue and appeal to your target market.

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Pricing Optimization

Efficiency and effectiveness are key to running a successful venue. We analyze your operational processes, identifying areas for improvement and recommend tools and systems to streamline your operations.

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Operations Overhaul

We assist you in developing a comprehensive marketing plan to showcase your venue's unique attributes, positioning it as a top choice for couples and event planners. We’ll also suggest strategic partnerships to increase referrals.

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Marketing & Partnership Strategies

our expertise


california venue ownner

We were truly blessed to have her alongside us in this process. With her in charge we truly didn't have to worry about a thing.

Hiring Amanda was the best decision we've ever made.

california venue ownner

We were truly blessed to have her alongside us in this process. With her in charge we truly didn't have to worry about a thing.

Hiring Amanda was the best decision we've ever made.

california venue ownner

We were truly blessed to have her alongside us in this process. With her in charge we truly didn't have to worry about a thing.

Hiring Amanda was the best decision we've ever made.

Venue Overhaul

A full-service approach to helping you streamlining your operations and transform your venue to reach its full potential. 

• In-person site visit to understand your venue’s unique qualities. 
• 1:1 Coaching calls to set you up for success. 
• Cosmetic adjustment recommendations 
• Market research to target your ideal client.
• Implementation to increase and generate revenue. 
•Operations overhaul with recommended tools for your in-house team.
• Master Documents Templates for all event management. 
• Advertising and partnership recommendations. 

Investment: From $5,000

Styled Venue Photoshoot

We’ll design and curate the perfect team to execute a photoshoot to showcase your venue and target your ideal clientele.

• Market research to target your ideal couple. 
• Concept design, planning and production
• Vendor team curation & coordination.
• Advertising and partnership recommendations. 
• Website and social media recommendations with new imagery. 
• Content planning for future marketing.

Other Resources available

Training Resources for Venue Management Staff:

• Email Templates (when & what to send to the responsible party throughout the wedding process)
•Situational Descriptions and Responses 
•Contract Addendums 
•Checklist From Booking Through the Week Post-Wedding (what to prepare for and gather from your brides / planners)
•Smoother Client Payment Processes 
•Security Deposits How To

Document Templates Resources:

• Market Research; how to specifically attract your desired clientele in your market 
•Wedding & Event Venue Contract with clear clauses to limit liability 
•FAQ sheet, to answer the questions they are asking before they have to ask them 
•Establishing your Preferred Vendor List
•A Brochure that sells, with your Pricing / Offerings 
•Policies / Requirements of the venue sheet 
•Venue Website Guide; a guide to what information you need to list on your website to attract your desired clientele - (Custom checklist for what to specifically list on your Website, tab by tab) 
•Social media overhaul; what brides really want to hear, how to attract more vendor partnerships, etc 

Why Choose Amanda Marie & Co Venue Consulting?

Unparalleled Expertise

We have a deep understanding of the event industry and the knowledge necessary to turn even struggling venues into thriving enterprises.

Tailored Solutions

Every venue is unique and our approach reflects this, customizing our services to meet your immediate needs and vision for the future.

Proven Results

Our strategies have transformed spaces into sought-after destinations, earning recognition from prestigious publications such as Vogue and Bride's Magazine.

Comprehensive Approach

Our consulting services encompass everything from visual adjustments and material enhancements to pricing strategies, marketing initiatives and more.

Brenda is our in-house Interior Designer with a wealth of experience in residential and commercial design. 

With an impressive portfolio that includes multimillion-dollar homes and several renowned wineries across California and Arizona, Brenda's expertise is unrivaled. 

From the moment Brenda steps foot on your property, you’ll benefit from her keen eye for detail as she creates a custom design to elevate your venue's aesthetic and create stunning interior spaces that leave a lasting impression on your guests (without breaking the bank).

Meet Brenda